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Dr. Tuohy’s mission was to see if he could develop a vaccine to safely and effectively prevent breast cancer.

“We’ve worked a long time, published our results and have received a lot of attention. We have pre-clinical validation. We have shown, in three different mouse models, that the vaccine either delayed or prevented the development of breast cancer in a highly significant way. And it did so in a safe manner."

Dr. Tuohy estimated that it will take about 10 years to get the vaccine to market. “The Phase I Clinical Trial means that we can show that the vaccine can give us an immune response and it’s safe. Safety is a major concern because we ultimately want to vaccinate normal, healthy women so they don’t get the disease,” he said.

Dr. Tuohy felt that this was his best work as an immunologist. “This is my masterpiece. There’s nothing that could have this kind of impact and we’re eager to find out if it does,” he said.

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Together we can end breast cancer

Our mission is to support research efforts to achieve the primary prevention of breast and ovarian cancers. The focus of our efforts is to obtain federal funding for a “Women’s Health Initiative” to facilitate clinical trials for the primary immune prevention of breast and ovarian cancer in otherwise healthy, cancer-free women.

Together We will Solve the Puzzle!

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