Mission Statement


Our mission is to support research efforts to achieve the primary prevention of breast and ovarian cancers. The focus of our lobby efforts is to obtain federal funding for a “Women’s Health Initiative” to facilitate clinical trials for the primary immune prevention of breast and ovarian cancer in otherwise healthy,

cancer-free women.

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In the Beginning...

Sisters4Prevention was founded in 2010 by Judy Fitzgerald.  The ititial mission was to raise funds to support the preventive vaccine that was being developed by Dr. Vincent K. Tuohy at the Cleveland Clinic's Learner's research Institute.  Judy learned of the vaccine from a published article depicting Dr. Tuohy's presentation before Congress.  She began raising funds for Dr. Tuohy and joined with four other women to use social media and coordinate efforts to obtain the funds needed to begin clinical trials.

Where we are now

In September 2017,  Dr. Tuohy was awarded a 6 million dollar grant from the department of defense breast cancer research fund to begin phase 1 clinical trials for his vaccine.  It will begin testing in 2019 on women with the triple negative breast cancer,  the most lethal form of the disease.

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Where we need to go

Currently The National Cancer Institute spends 3 times more money on cancer treatment research than on cancer prevention. This skewed funding bias reflects the emphasis on treating adult onset cancers rather than on preventing them. Prevention is essential for the common good for women’s health. This is a serious deficit in our healthcare system, and threatens the overall health of women.  We feel the time is now to address this need.  Without funding, promising work to prevent these lethal diseases will go unfunded. Our new mission is to lobby Congressional Representatives to allocate monies for prevention research.   With rising health care costs and rising numbers of patients, the time has come to change the paradigm from treatment to prevention. 

“To whom much is given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48)

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