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The Vaccine Story

This is an exclusive interview with Dr. Vincent Tuohy at the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic to discussing the launch of the Phase I Trial for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, the most lethal form of the disease for which there is no adjuvant therapy. You will also hear from five women, Judy Fitzgerald. Toni Turchi, Dr. Marjorie Moyar, Laura Frank and Leigh Anne Best whose philanthropic work helped raise awareness and funds to bring this breast cancer vaccine to the clinic. Click on the picture above to listen to the story.

Phase I Breast Cancer Vaccine Trial at Cleveland Clinic

The Phase I breast cancer vaccine trial at Cleveland Clinic is open to women who have had stage II to III triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) who have completed treatment within the past three years but are at high risk of recurrence. There is a second arm of the trial for women who have genetic breast cancer risk markers such as BRCA1 who have never had cancer but have chosen to get a risk-reducing mastectomy at Cleveland Clinic.  In all cases, treatment will involve a course of 3 vaccinations given every 2 weeks plus two follow-up visits. Participants must be willing to travel to Cleveland, Ohio for all visits.

For more information on the study, visit:

Or call the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Answer Line:


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Questions about the vaccine...Email me.

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