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The Many Paths to Wellness

Ever since my breast cancer diagnosis fourteen years ago, I've been dedicated to advocating the importance of a breast cancer prevention diet and discussing breast cancer causes and prevention. Sharing my journey has involved highlighting the specific diet and lifestyle changes crucial for supporting both patients and survivors. I've openly shared the challenges faced during treatment while emphasizing the significance of a dietary approach aimed at preventing breast cancer.

My passion is deeply rooted in supporting research focused on breast cancer prevention, centering on the eradication of harmful elements from food and personal products. Additionally, my goal is to contribute to finding a vaccine that can effectively prevent this disease.

Within this video, our focus remains on the breast cancer prevention diet. We delve into the intricate details of how lifestyle choices, including clean eating, regular movement, adequate sleep, stress management, and the creation of a toxin-free environment, play a pivotal role in minimizing breast cancer risks. Furthermore, we discuss the benefits of incorporating spices like turmeric and ginger, antioxidant-rich foods, maintaining a healthy BMI, opting for organic foods when feasible, and engaging in outdoor exercises for essential vitamin D exposure.

The video also addresses breast cancer causes and prevention comprehensively, exploring not just the dietary aspect but also complementary strategies to alleviate the side effects of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. The aim is to provide a holistic understanding of how to care for individuals affected by breast cancer while emphasizing the vital role of diet and lifestyle in prevention and management.


Judy Fitzgerald
Research Advocate, Advocate for Vaccines to prevent women's cancers.

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