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Vaccine Trial Poster Presented at San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference: TNBC Community Support

Updated: Jun 3

Excited that our poster received so much support and enthusiasm at the International Breast Cancer Conference last week from the advocate community. We have now joined forces with Ricki Fairley Founder of the TOUCH Foundation, Hayley Dinermen Executive Director of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, and Melissa Berry, the Cancer Fashionista to promote the trial within the triple negative patient community. We are striving for diversity in our trial recruitment, and this is a huge step forward in our mission to do so. Drs. Justin Johnson and Thomas Budd were interviewed several times and are listed by these organizations in their "Best of SABCS" post. Please click the links below to listen to the interviews with Drs. Johnson and Budd. You will have to scroll down the page to access their interviews.

Dr. Johnson interviewed by Special thanks to Jamie DePolo!

Dr. Johnson interviewed by the TNBC Community:

Dr. Budd interviewed by the TNBC Community:

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