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The Psychological "Dark Side" of Breast Cancer Survival

I recently returned from a breast cancer conference where I met some amazing advocates and survivors. The best part of this conference is the "advocate lounge" where we have an opportunity to network with other survivors and those living with metastatic disease. A prevalent concern is the psychological toll experienced after treatment is over or sadly for some, treatment never ends. The phrase, "It's OK to say you are not Ok" especially impacted me this week. It's so easy to fall back into a "dark place" when you think about the "what ifs" or life just seems to be too hard. At this time of year, love those around you. They may look fine on the outside, but they may be struggling. Encourage them that it's OK to say they are not OK. There is so much negativity in the world, we need to turn off our TVs and hug our children and grand-children. As the Beatles once wrote, "Love is all you need." Give them the love and grace they so badly need.

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