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San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference Begins

I arrived in San Antonio last night so I could attend a pre-conference event sponsored by the TOUCH foundation. Their mission is to connect women of color with clinical trials. We are still recruiting for the breast cancer vaccine Phase I and hope to continue with our goal of achieving diversity in patients.

This is my third time attending San Antonio. The first time was in the beginning of my mission to support this vaccine in 2010. Dr. Vincent Tuohy was presenting a poster for the first time, and I wanted to help attract advocates to our cause. This is a very bittersweet memory as we lost Dr. Tuohy in January of this year and his absence and brilliance is greatly felt by us all.

On Wednesday, Dr. Justin Johnson and Dr. Thomas Budd will present a poster with the current status of the trial and immunology data collected thus far. This is a great milestone in the path to begin Phase II.

Stay tuned as I report each day on the information I learn on the latest strategies, new drugs, and protocols for the treatment of breast cancer. I also love networking with other advocates and reuniting with the friends I have made in this wonderful community. No one asks to join this sisterhood...we were all hijacked but these bonds are so strong and precious.

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