Be Proactive Against Breast Cancer

There is no guaranteed way of preventing breast cancer. The most you can do is reduce the risk factors, lead a healthy lifestyle, conduct regular breast exams and have mammograms to ensure early detection and treatment of the disease. I have read every book I could find published by breast cancer survivors that achieved longevity. 


In these pages,  I will share with you what I learned and the lifestyle and diet changes I have adopted.  Start slowly by adopting one change at a time and go at your own pace. 


If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and want to adopt these strategies to prevent recurrence,  be kind to yourself.  Treatment is challenging enough.  Do what you can and rest as much as possible.  You are dealing with so much stress,  don't add guilt to what is already an overwhelming situation.  Good Luck!  These pages are meant to support you in your journey.  Hugs and Blessings!

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