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Seven Tips for Better Health

Living with NED. Seven tips for better health.

A diagnosis of Breast Cancer is a good time to think about your overall health! It’s a time to focus on health, wellness and simply breathe.

In speaking with so many survivors, a common trait they all possess is that they are caretakers. We often forget that taking care of ourselves is just as important and should in fact be the primary goal. I subscribe to many health sites, and receive and read many articles each week. The link I received this morning contains tips on how to take time to care for ourselves.

I am going to share a blog post by Dr. Traci Stein: Here is her advice for better health. The following seven bullets are a quote from her site.

  • Write a list of everything that feels like a current energy drain. For me, it’s watching non-stop news coverage. For you, it might be answering every phone call you get (it’s okay to let someone leave you a voicemail!), or automatically saying “yes” to every request.

  • Commit to making just one change related to your list. That might mean shutting off your phone before bed, limiting time watching TV or surfing the internet, or doing other things that leave you feeling spent.

  • Try “practical mindfulness.” What I mean by this is even if formal meditation isn’t your cup of tea, use your senses to help anchor you in the present moment. After all, now is the only moment we ever truly have. So, take a break, walk outside, and feel your feet connect with the earth. Pay attention to the scent of new fallen leaves, the comfort of a cozy sweater against your skin, the changing play of light across the landscape.

  • When faced with two seemingly equal choices, notice your gut feeling about which is most right for you. Make a note of this. It will help you recognize and further hone your intuition.

  • Move your body. Allow yourself to be grateful for whatever it can do – right now – even if you still have a way to go before reaching your wellness goals.

  • Reach out to people who are important to you. Practice giving and receiving, both accepting and expressing kindness and caring.

  • Create positive affirmations that honor and support you.

I would add to this…the power of prayer. Pray with prayers of gratitude and be thankful for the blessings you have received. Gratitude is a powerful practice since it helps focus on the gifts we have and produces positive energy.

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