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Donate to Fund Vaccine Research

Our Mission:

Federal grants for cancer research are not sufficient to conduct primary prevention clinical trials. Philanthropic monies are essential to keep research labs supplied and staffed.  Cancer can be prevented, but presently the primary focus is on treatment.  Help us reach our goal of the Primary Prevention of Women’s cancers so no treatment is ever necessary. 

Where Does Your Money Go?

This fund is earmarked specifically for maintaining Dr. Tuohy's Lab at the Lerner Research Institute where the breast and ovarian cancer primary prevention vaccines were developed and are still in process.  The Phase I Clinical Trial for the Breast Cancer Vaccine is in process and funds are needed to support ongoing research at Dr. Tuohy's lab.  Although the trademark for the Ovarian Cancer Vaccine has already been issued in China, and Dr. Tuohy is receiving support from NCI/NIH to humanize the mouse vaccine, this funding is paramount in maintaining his lab and his employees.  All donations are tax deductible as the lab is part of the Lerner Research Institute which is a non-profit.  100% of all funds go to maintaining Dr. Tuohy's Lab.

Do we dare to imagine a world without breast and ovarian cancers?  Thanks to Dr. Vincent Tuohy at the Lerner Research Institute of the Cleveland Clinic, we can imagine indeed!  A breast cancer vaccine is already being tested in women in a Phase I clinical trial to establish the safety and optimum dose of a vaccine for preventing triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in women already diagnosed with this most lethal of all forms of breast cancer.  As a bilateral breast cancer survivor, I am honored to serve as a patient advocate on the clinical trial team. Dr. Tuohy has also developed another vaccine designed to prevent epithelial ovarian carcinoma, the most lethal of all gynecologic malignancies.


The ultimate goal is to vaccinate women at high risk for developing these lethal cancers to prevent them from occurring at all.  What wonderful news it would be for the Sharsheret community and women and men of Ashkenazi decent who sadly have a high incidence of BRCA1/2 mutations that put them at very high risk for developing both of these lethal cancers!


Dr. Tuohy’s cancer vaccines target proteins in much the same way that the COVID vaccine targets the spike protein in the COVID virus.  Although government grants are helping to complete these trials, Dr. Tuohy’s lab relies on philanthropic donations to maintain his laboratory support staff.


I hope you will help share my mission to continue human trials of these vaccines


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Your support for the ongoing research on these vaccines is essential, tax deductible, and 110% goes directly to fund Dr. Tuohy’s research lab.  Let’s spread the hope of the greatest legacy we can leave our children and grandchildren; a world without these devastating diseases.

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