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Cancer is a Word...
Not a Sentence

One of the pitfalls one can fall into when diagnosed with Cancer is to look at what the statistics say regarding chance of survival.  As an example, the statistics for some types of cancer may seem grim, and it’s easy to take them as gospel or a sentence.  The truth is that everyone is unique, and no statistic can accurately predict your future or your survival!

One of our main goals is to provide you with the tools to navigate your journey effectively and skew the statistics in your favor.  As an example, if the chance of survival based on your pathology is as low as 5%…there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be included in that 5%.  It means your cancer can indeed be conquered.  Hope not only feeds the soul, it feeds our cells.

An inspirational book I read when diagnosed was written by Sue Buchanan.  It’s called, I’m Alive and the Dr.’s Dead.  I think this title says it all, but to quote from her book summary:

“When best-selling children’s author Sue Buchanan thought her life was over, it was really just beginning. Diagnosed with breast cancer and saddled with a grim prognosis, conventional thinking would have told her she was as good as gone. However, Sue is anything but conventional! Now, after more than twenty-seven years cancer-free, Sue spreads her crazy brand of hope, and humor, wherever she goes.”

Sue’s website is filled with positive thoughts and reflections and can be found at:

So don’t let others discourage you with a negative prognosis.  Stay in the moment and take one day at a time.  Use some of our strategies such as mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques.  If your medical team is not encouraging, get a new one!  Picture whatever medications you are on gobbling up those cancer cells just like Pacman.  We hope our posts can help you on this journey.

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